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NOTE: This site was moved to a new hosting company in May 2014 and parts of it will be missing for a while...
I spoke on Securing a Home Router at the HOPE conference on July 20, 2014.
A revised PDF of the presentation is available at box.net. (last updated Oct. 4, 2014)
Audio is available at x.hope.net (thanks to 2600)
Brief description: Routers are a perfect target for abuse. The presentation covered some of the configuration options in routers that can make your Local Area Network more secure. Among these are locking down access to the router, Wi-Fi security, firewalls, DNS, and hiding on the Internet. Also covered were known security flaws in routers and how to defend against them. Some of the flaws: WPS, UPnP, port 32764 and smartphones leaking Wi-Fi passwords.
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In Aug 2014 Computerworld re-did their website and broke ALL these links. I'm working on updating the links,
starting with the newest articles. The line shows where I'm up to. If you get a Page Not Found error, that's why. The conversion also removed all the reader comments. And, it broke some image alignments, resulting in errors such as pictures that were centered before, now being left aligned. Then, sometime around Sept 18th, the old URLs started working again. Beats me.
CNET Defensive Computing Blog: From July 2007 through November 2008 I wrote a Defensive Computing blog for CNET.
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Blog: My first blog, a freebie at Blogger, ran from January 2007 through July 2007.
Flash Tester: My FlashTester.org site should be useful to anyone running the Flash Player plugin
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